MSBC Ministry Teams

“So we, being many, are one body in Christ, and every one members one of another.”
Rom. 12:5

Team Captains~

Each team captain is appointed by the pastor and is expected to be an exemplary model of spirituality, manifesting the Lord Jesus Christ to his/her team with the fruit of the Spirit as indicated in Gal. 5:22-23. Also, as a member of our church, each team captain is expected to live a holy life, to be faithful in all church activities, including church attendance, studying the Scriptures, in prayer, witnessing, tithing, giving to missions, and other various activities of the church.

When an opportunity arises that a specific ministry team may be needed, the team captain will be contacted about the situation, and then the captain will contact his/her ministry team members to handle the opportunity appropriately. A simple form will be utilized that will document the time and date of the opportunity, who handled it, and the results. Such form will be returned to the church office for proper record keeping purposes. Team coordinators will not incur any debts liable to the church without prior discussion with the pastor.

Team Members~

Team members, representing our church, are also expected to be exemplary models of spirituality, manifesting the Lord Jesus Christ and the fruit of the Spirit. Team members are to follow the leadership of their coordinator, working together for God’s glory. This ministry is also designed as an opportunity to assist in the spiritual development of both new believers in Christ, as well as our “seasoned saints.” Each team may have members of varying spiritual maturity, and those who are spiritually mature are expected to encourage and influence younger believers in their spiritual growth and development. (Eph. 4:11-16, Titus 2:1-7)

“So we, being many, are one body in Christ…” – let’s do this together, for God’s glory!

Dear Church Family,

I count it a privilege and honor to be the pastor of our church and want to encourage every member to be a good steward of the talents and abilities that the Lord has given, accepting and appreciating all of our differences as members in particular, and cultivating a willing spirit to work together for the honor and glory of God. This is vitally important as we join together in this new opportunity of serving the Lord in our church through the multiplicity of our ministry teams. The primary goal of each team is to provide an opportunity to minister in a specific area of service conducive to the unique gifts and talents of our members for such a ministry. My heart’s desire is that each of us serves the Lord, for His glory, because we love Him. (1 Jn. 4:19)
By God’s grace, for His glory,
Pastor Adams
Mountain Springs Baptist Church

Ministry Teams

Athletic Ministry – Open
Audio – Dustin B.
Automotive Maintenance – Charlie B.
AWANA – Kathy W.
Community Service/Security – Russell R.
Correspondence – Open
Drama – Theresa A. & Stephen S.
Evangelistic – Beau G.
Facilities Cleaning – Bernadette & Steve
Facilities Maintenance – Keith R.
Hospitality – Mike & Kathy W.
Interior Decorating – Michael S.
Landscaping – John C.
Literary Ministry – Open
Marketing/Advertising – Open
Media – Dolly S.
Music – Mike P.
Nursery – Brittani G. & Melissa B.
Photography – Shea & Michael S.
Prayer Chain – Pastor Adams
Special Events – Open
Teaching – Pastor Adams
Transportation – Open
Ushering – Keith R.
Video/Livestream – Bob S.
Visitation – Duane T.
Youth – Beau G.